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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Emily R BandicootFemale/United States Groups :iconcrash-sonic1234: Crash-sonic1234
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I am a young Bandicoot who loves to draw and wast time and enjoy life with friends and family and just enjoys making friends and don't judge people for who they are i believe every one is made = and every one can like and dislike what they want as long as they are not hurting others in the mean time you don't have to like me but if you don't pleas go away and don't try to put me down cus i will put you right back down i may not be the best speller but i don't need spelling to express how i feel all i need is my right hand a peace of paper and pencil to show exactly what i feel weather its happy sad angry distressed or in pain all i need is paper and pencil and i believe
there are no better artist just more experienced.

ow and im on YouTube check out my videos and… BandaHog
and here is my Facebook page…
My Society6 account…
pleas check it out if you are interested in buying my art work!


Matthew The Cat
Name:Matthew the Cat (Matt/ Mattymoo)
gender: mail 
Birthday: June 28th 1999
fur color: yellow/ wight 
eye color: green
jacket: black and gray 
shirt: hot red 
pants: light blue 

Short story:
Matthew the cat is also one of Cortex X projects.
He grew up in section A of Cortex's lab with only his father and 2 of his brothers him being the middle child. After he turned 8 he 
never really saw them again and did not really know what happen to them. When he was 6 he meet Emily when she was 5 she lives in section B. They rarely ever saw each other and when they did being young kids of the opposite gender they often would fight when they were left alone. After Crash escaped Matthew really did not have much to do Cortex pretty much forgot about him so he spent the hole time Emily was gone on the insanity island he was alone in his room often for days with out leaving. But after years of doing nothing Emily came back he tried to ignore her but he for some reason could not and soon after even not spending time with her began to gain feeling for her. After a while he soon got the courage to sit with her at lunch she tried to ignore him but soon started to talk to him realizing she really did not have anyone else seance her parents were gone . She would pick on him a lot and he would get up set but soon after he started to lighten up a bit and just realized she had a bubbly but wild and crazy personality and he even started to pick on her. They became close friends and it soon turned into more. But Emily soon had to leave she was sent on a Mission from Cortex when she was 13.To Wamapa Island to befriend Crash Matthew would not see her for another 2 years he stayed in his room most of the time. But after a battle with Cortex Emily helped him escape and now Matthew lives on Wamap island with Emily.


EmilyBandicoot1234's Profile Picture
Emily R Bandicoot
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello my name is Emily Bandicoot and i am glade to be here on DA
i joined when i was 13 my birthday is April 18th 2000.
I love to draw Video game and cartoon characters such as Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sly cooper, Ratchet and clank
Spyro the dragon, and The Animaniacs and lots of other video game and Cartoon characters.
I joined DA the same day i got my lovely Hamster Violet (who passed away in late 2014)
I love to chat so if u want to chat just send me a note and i will replie (unless u are a creeper)
I Hope u enjoy my gallery and my art work as it gets better as i continue to draw and
improve my art work i hope to become a Video game or cartoon designer (like drawing back grounds for video games or cartoons).
Any way i hope to only make friends with You i am a vary kind and understanding person and do not judge others
by there art i judge by how they act.I love all kinds of music and i am inspired all the time by music but my favorite is Kesha i grew up with her music and i am in love with it but i also like Breaking Benjamin,my darkest days,three days grace,Katy Perry and several others i am also a Elvis Presley lover and some Tim Mcgraw almost any music really i spend most of my time listening to music, drawing and hanging out with my friends and family.
And i want to worn you know i have Dyslexia
Dyslexia is a specific reading disability due to a defect in the brain's processing of graphic symbols. It is a learning disability that alters the way the brain processes written material. It is typically characterized by difficulties in word recognition, spelling and decoding.
so if u have trouble understanding me im so SORRY! i try my best and have gotten better seance i joined DA so it may not be as hared.
I Do NOT take request! they are for close friends only! I will do Art trades but it depends on what is going on in my life or if i have the paper or not (digital art trades are rare) then i do Commissions almost any time its just like the art trades it depends on whats going on in my life and if i have paper (digital commissions are posibal but unlikely at this time) but pleas do not ask me for request i do not take them anymore cus iv had several people be rude to me so i do not take them any more so do not ask pleas and thank you :) .
Any ways i hope you enjoy my art work and stick with me as i get better with both traditional art and Digital! ill see you all around :D

Oh and here is my YouTube channale were i post videos and speed paints!…
And here is my Society6 account were you can buy art work from me…
Here is my Art trade and Commission rules and requirements
No just feet (not into that or any other fetishes)
NO My little pony (not a fan!)
No nudity (characters like Sally acorn do not count)
Nothing sexual
You MUST send me your charioteer in the fist comment
Do NOT send me to your page to find your character i will just ignore you if u do
If you want to do an Art trade and a commission thats fine but you only get the to then your done
in Commissions if there is more then one character its an extra 10 for each character
If you want a computer art work u may have to wait longer cus i have to get up at like 5 so i can get the computer
if u want me to draw your character send me a drawing of them in full color so it makes it easy on me
i will only draw Crash bandicoot characters Sonic, ratchet and clank, sly cooper,
I will draw dragons and stuff like that
I will only draw furry animal cats dogs stuff like that
I will draw people but there not vary good but i will try
If u do not pay me i will take your drawing down and report you

sketch 200 emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.… If u want a sketch with a back ground 250
colored with no back ground 300 emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…
colored with back ground 400 emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…
line art on computer 500 Line Art emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…
colored with no back ground 600 points emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…
fully colored with back ground 750 emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…

Emily Bandicoot (the crazy pinked tailed bandicoot) BandaHog!
My best friends :iconshadow1468: :iconstichielover92: :icontreehugger1398: :iconnomina999: :iconcottoncandyhurricane: :iconblacknight333: :icongeoterracon: My sister :iconshelbyeliza123:

artist u should check out : :icontatujapa: :iconsassymelvin: :iconshira-hedgie: : :iconproboom: :iconmyly14: :iconphoenixsalover:
NOTE! : any Sonic the Hedgehog art work Featuring him or any original sonic characters i do not own Sega dose i DO not own
same goes for Crash Bandicoot and any other game or cartoon characters that are from video games or cartoon shows

thats all it takes ASK!
Here is my Crash Bandicoot OC Emily Bandicootemilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…
if you are interested in drawing her let me know ^^


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