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I am a young Bandicoot who loves to draw and wast time and enjoy life with friends and family and just enjoys making friends and don't judge people for who they are i believe every one is made = and every one can like and dislike what they want as long as they are not hurting others in the mean time you don't have to like me but if you don't pleas go away and don't try to put me down cus i will put you right back down i may not be the best speller but i don't need spelling to express how i feel all i need is my right hand a peace of paper and pencil to show exactly what i feel weather its happy sad angry distressed or in pain all i need is paper and pencil and i believe
there are no better artist just more experienced.

ow and im on YouTube check out my videos and… BandaHog
and here is my Facebook page…
My Society6 account…
pleas check it out if you are interested in buying my art work!


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    It was a typical day for 5-year-old Emily sitting in her room by her self while Cortex did only god knows what to her parents. 
one day while sitting on the bed in the tiny room she notices that one of the lab assistance left the door cracked and she became curious and just as she was cracking the door open more,one of Cortexes men swung it open.  

lab assistants: it is time for breakfast lets go! 
    Pulling on her arm he dragged her to the cafeteria where there were lots of animals eating disgusting food. The lab assistants let go of her arm and she went and got some slop and sat down at a table she thot was empty but at the end of it was a boy at the end of the table.
She smiled and scooted to him hoping to make friends with someone around her age. As she got closer she realized he was a Cat or kitten but he was a bit too old to be a kitten but too young to be an adult as Cortexes would say " A stupid kid".

Emily: HI whats your name?!
   He looked at her for a moment then went back to eating.
Emily: well my name is Emily and I am five! how old are you?

  He still did not pay attention to her and continued eating the slop.
Emily: Hello? can you even talk?
   looking over at her with an annoyed face he said.
Cat: Yes I can talk and I don't talk to girls they have cooties so leave me alone!

  She gave him an annoyed stair but then instead of doing what he asked she just bugged him even more till he would speak to her.
Emily: so what is your name? 
Cat: aaaa Fine my Name is Matthew and I am six and I don't have time to play with girls.

   From then on for the next few weeks every day she would bug and bug him till he finally gave in.
Matthew: fine I will be your friend...I rather not be friends with a girl especially one that is a baby...
Emily: huff I'm only a year younger than you! 
   As they were fighting they hired the alarms going off eco-wing threw the halls saying "bandicoot 1.0 Reject" over and over again then mere moments later a semi-tall Orange figure ran down the hall while Cortex and his assistance chaced after whoever it was. Soon everyone was put back in their rooms and Emily was reunited with her mom and dad but her dad looked different his left ear was missing the top of it and his long black and red tail was gone he had scares and scratches all over  It will all be over one day by EmilyBandicoot1234they all sat on the cold floor and confronted him the best they could.
   Weeks passed by and Emily and Matthew became friends, even tho they still fought for the next 2 years about the stupidest things by this time Emily was seven and Matthew was eight and they would sneak out and go and playmaking casing trouble and just trying to make the best of there situation considering they both grew up mostly on there own even tho it was not their families falt. Matthew lived on the floor under Emily were the "worker minions" lived and that was destined to become his life soon which he was of cores not looking forward to.
Emily lived on the "experiment floor" which sounds exactly like it sounds. They both were sitting on the roof which was one of there favorite things to do and a nice place to chat and just hang out.
Emily: so what should we do today? 
Matthew: I don't know...
Emily: are you ok?
Matthew: I have not seen my dad or Brothers in days and I have become worried...
Emily: I know that feeling...
   Just as they were going to continue there conversation One of Cortexes men opened the window and grabbed Emily by the arm Matthew tried to pull her away but the man was too strong and she was gone in an instant he tried to follow but he could barely keep up. Soon He dragged her into a room with a big iron door that slammed shut and locked behind him there was a window and he peeked through the best he could it was just barely out of sigh. He could see Cortex and Embrio talking to Emily and what he assumed were her parents he had never seen them before, He pressed his ear against the door trying to hear but it was really hard because of the Cortex: thickness of the door.

  Cortex: 12.13 and 18
Jason: we have names! 
Cortex: Yaya anyway I am sending you all away I no longer need you! 

   Cortex's men grabbed them and dragged them off Matthew was horrified fearing the worst not knowing what was going to happen to his friend his only friend. 
    Emily and her parents were dropped off on insanity island were there was only a few select of others. Soon Jordan and Jason started to build a house and finished before the colder time of the year came around and soon they started to live there lives as a normal happy family Emily finally had her parents all to her self and would spend every moment she could with them playing with them drawing them pictures and in the wormer time of the years playing outside in the water, camping and just enjoy life with her family. tow long happy years went by and Emily was now 10 her birthday was just a few days ago and while her dad was off collecting firewood and her mom was planting crops she sat in the grass not far from her mom trying to draw her mom planting but soon started to get bored.

Emily: can I go swimming? I promise I won't go far.
Jorden: hmm all right but you have to stay in sight and call the second there is trouble okay? 
Emily: yes mom! 
   She ran into the house and put on a bathing suit her mom had made for her and ran back outside to the water but moments later there was a loud BOOOM and she fell face first into the sand hitting her head but not knocking her out she stood up and looked to see that her home and the whole island was on fire horrified she fell to her knees and cried till the sunset. Housers later Cortex and his men came to investigate and saw she was the only one left and took her back to his lab. She went back to the same treatment being locked in a small room wasting her life away wondering about her parents hoping they were still alive somehow. Soon Emily returned to the cafeteria hoping to find her one and only friend but... did not see him anywhere.

Emily: of cores Ill be alone here to...
   A tear escaped her eye as she grabbed a clearly unwashed tray and had them poor slop she of cores did not want and who would!?
after she sat down at the table she had met her friend at many years ago she pushed away her tray putting her head down and sobbing nothing was going right for her and it seemed nothing would. After a few minutes, she was again dragged off like some animal but she did not struggle she just let them tack her she felt there was no use fighting. Soon she was dragged into an office and sat down and the men left her and as she looked up she saw a big hideous portered of Cortex on the right and on the left an unknown man she had never seen before the room was very fancy for Cortex it seemed like who's ever room this was they were not into science but more luxury. 
Unknown: well what is the matter, my dear?
   She did not answer whoever was talking she could not even see them when she noticed a big black chair slowly rotate before her behind a desk that she could not mack out that her tears had slow down.

Unknown: Ohh please don't worry I am not going to hurt you my name is pinstripe potoroo. So what is troubling you?
Emily: My parents are...dead and I have known one here no friends or family... I.I am alone...
Pinstripe: sorry to hear that... well if you ever need anything just come and talk to me Ill tack care of it
Emily: I am starving...but the.. the slop they have in the cafeteria is just not edible 
Pinstripe: well I can fix that! 

  He clapped his hands and a lab assistant but dressed in a tux came in with a tray of food that she had never seen before.
Pinstripe: it is still early so its only breakfast but its better then that slop by a long shot go on eat up.

  She looked at the food not knowing if she could trust it but was so hungry she could not stand to look at it any longer and she started to eat.
Pinstripe: Its french toast do you like it I'm not a fan of it my self but It seems like you like it.
Emily: yes it is good thank you...
Pinstripe: well finish up then be on your way iv got work to do.
Emily: all right...

  She finished and left the room thanking him again as he shooed her off she Started to wander around the empty halls when she saw someone sitting in a window with a black caught and blue pants with a mop in their hand and a bucket of water. To her, they seemed familiar and she walked to them they must have hired her because they turned around in a second yelling " I'm working. I'm working!"
they looked up and saw her and their eyes opened wide as if they were seeing a ghost or.

Matthew: who...who are you? you seem so familiar have we meet?
Emily: I don't know...
Matthew: Emily? that you?
Emily: yes..?

  A large smile grew on his face as he dropped the mop and hugged her picking her up off the floor squeezing her tightly.

Matthew: I can't believe it is you!!! 
Emily: Matthew?!

  She soon to became very happy and hugged him to the best she could and smiled for the first time in days.
Matthew: I thot that you were dead I hired Cortex tell you and your parents that "he did not need you anymore" then you were gone! 
Emily: he sent me and My family away to insanity island that's were Iv been...
Matthew: you survived the explosion!? How?
Emily: what? oh... ya that I was on the beach away from it...
Matthew: I am so sorry... Hey, why don't you and I sneak off and catch up?
Emily: all right! 
Matthew: I know exactly where to go! 

  He grabbed her hand and took her down the hall and then up a ladder that was almost hidden, they climbed up it and he pushed a secret door on the selling open and they went in there was old lab equipment but really nothing else but a BIG window she walked over to it to see what used to be her home it was still smocking she could not bear to look at it and walked back to Matthew and blocked the smoldering island out of her mind and they started to catch up. He did not have much happen in the last few years but she told him her whole story and how wonderful it was and how she wished he was there and how she missed him. 

Three more long years went by and every day Emily and Matthew ran around abandoning their post and going off to hang out stealing food from Cortexes kitchen and feeding it to all the others but stashing some for themselves manly the desserts they would stay in there hiding spot all day long playing games and doing whatever they pleased. One particular day there was a storm outside thundering and making a tone of noise so they decided they would play music from some disks they had taken from Cortex and for how bad of a man he was he surprisingly had a good taste in music. They sat together for hours listening to music and as they did they of cores talked and as they did a feeling went through Matthew and he found himself-scooting closer and closer to Emily not knowing entirely why but the closer he got the stronger and better the feeling got.

Matthew: Umm Emily...
Emily: ya?
Matthew: I...I ummm

   He scratched the back of his neck and she looked up at him confused not knowing why he was so embraced they had been telling each other everything forever. 
Matthew: why?
Emily: they check my room every night at 12:00 

  Without saying another word she ran off to her room and when back in and jumped into bed and just moments later her door opened and a light shined and then shut. A few days later it was her Birthday and she was turning 13 and her and Matthew had a secret party in there hiding spot but as they were leaving Emily ones again was dragged off but she was the one to fight back and Matthew helped and the lab mans arm ripped off and then yelling echoed through the hall.

Cortex: enough! come with me know Or I will tranquilize both of you! 
Emily: ooo...ok

 She walked with Cortex to a room with a wired short guy with a rocket in his head and an underbite.
Cortex: I am joust going to come right out and say it I am sending you on a mission to seduce Crash 
Emly: Crash?...who is that??
Cortex: my sworn enemy! and you are going to brainwash him mack him have feelings for you then after you have umm do the deed then you will END HIM!
Emily: what do you.. you mean about the deed? 
Cortex: oh ya I forgot you have not reached that point but you will soon so I will just come out with it you are going to get him attracted to you then you will mate with him you are almost Sexual mature for a Bandicoot.
Emily: NO!!! I refuse! I will not do such a thing! 
Cortex: I am not giving you a choice! You will do this and when you do you can be free for all I care I just want him out of the way. Men send her to Wampa island near Crashes home.

  They did so and She began to follow through with the plane but after a week of trying to do such a horrible thing she told them what was going on and they helped her out Crash and Coco were not even mad they more felt mortified at Cortexes disgusting plan. But all was still not well her best friend was ones again torn away from her and freedom meant nothing without him there with her. over a year had passed and Emily had a small pink hose hidden under a tall tree towering her two-story house that she painted her self It was a small two bedroom house with one bathroom in her room and a window seat that she sat in every night staring at the sky hoping her friend was safe. But one night she just could not stand it anymore she did not understand the feeling that was going through her but she left her home and when back to Cortexes lab to see her friend again. She made it to his lab in about an hour there was no real way to get past the fence but then her bandicoot instinct kicked in and she dug under the fence and used a ladder in the back to climb through a window and snuck to there hiding spot. She ran down the halls twisting and turning she was starting to get lost and before she knew it she was caught by two lab men and that Pinstripe guy she had met a while back.
Pinstripe: Well look who we have here!
Emily: Let me go!
Pinstripe: bring her to my office.

  They did so as she kicked and screamed trying hard to get away her screams through the narrow hallways and could be hired from far away witch in her luck Matthew had hired them and started to pinpoint were they were coming from and follow. Soon Emily was back in Pinstripes room the men sat her down and left.
Pinstripe: well well you have really grown from the last time I saw you...

  He smacked and she soon felt very unconfirmable as he got closer to her losing his tie up a bit.
Pinstripe: So Emily right? ya, how old are you?
Emily: 14...
Pinstripe: well then its been two years since our last encounter and I do have to say you look even lovelier than the last time I saw you
and so grown up...
Emily: ya umm can I please just go I'm not really umm unconfirmable right now...
Pinstripe: well of cores but you will have to go back to your cold old room... unless you will do me a favor if you do I will let you go.
Emily: what? 
Pinstripe: go back and finish your job...
Emily: NO! I will not! you can do your own dirty work I am not getting into this!
Pinstripe: ERRR 
 He picked her up and sat her on his desk his face showed nothing but anger as he stared at her intensely grinding his teeth.
Pinstripe: look here missy! I have a job to do my self you do your job or I lose mine!
Emily: I don't care! 
Pinstripe: then it looks like we will have to do this the hard way.
  He pushed her off the desk on to the floor and was getting ready to hit her when Matthew barged threw the door tackling him to the ground and punched him in the face several times.

Matthew: RUN! 
She got up on to her paws and ran off down the halls and went out the way she had come going back to her home. by the time she got home the sun was up and all her friends were outside waiting for her.

Coco: Oh my goodness where have you been!? Crash saw you run off last night we have been waiting for you all night.. are you okay?
Emily: yes I am fine... but I am very tired...

Emily went back inside and did not see Matthew again for a very long time it took her 3 more years to get the courage to go back and see him and this time she had a way better plane. She left her home at sunset telling only her best friend Ruby that she had meet a few years back she was from a different world even tho she was from a different world they had a lot in common and she promised not to tell anyone where she was going until the day after. And with that Emily was off she ran for an houre and when she finally made it it was pitch black and there were not stars in the pitch black sky she went to the back and to her surprise, the ladder was still there and she used it. When she arrived at the top it was a pitch black witch was perfect for her she could see incredibly in the dark and she qwicly made her way to there hideout and she was relieved to see him still there.

Emily: psss Matthew...
He turned 
Matthew: Emily!...
Emily: come on your getting out of this hell hole...

He slowly made his way over and down the ladder and they ran and climbed out the window they were surprised that there was no one coming after they had they been forgotten? did they just not care anymore or plane didn't notice. It didn't matter after they got through the gate they both were finally free they hugged but did not celebrate for long as they turned and saw the sirens going off they ran as fast as they possibly could go and they soon arived to her home. They entered laughing and celebrating their new freedom together.

Matthew: wow I can't believe I am actually finally free...
Emily: me too I know I have not lived in the lab nearly as long as you but I was never truly free without you...

She stood on her tippy toes and kissed his fuzzy cheek he was shocked and blushing as he smiled then embraced her giving her a kiss on the forehead as both there ears flattened back.

Emily: Im so happy that you're finally here...
Matthew: I'm happy that we are finally alone together...
They snuggled then looked up into each other eyes they both leaned in for a kiss and fell onto the couch and cuddling together.

Emily: Now I can finally say I love you 

hug by EmilyBandicoot1234
Emily and Matthew how they met
just a story I made up as I went because I was bored lol hope u like it I guess
this is not meant to be a to serious story Im still working on our back story's 
but I was just soooo bored so I threw this together SO NO IT IS NOT PERFECT 
get over it lol 
I will not be opening them back up until everyone has there part posted 
so if you are interested comment below but I will not accept till everyone that I am doing a trade with 
has there part up 
Emily Bandicoot reference sheet (bio)
Made with: damuro:
Bunny Emoji-88 (Hello) [V5] 
Name: Emily Bandicoot 

Age: 17
Birthday: 4/18/2000
sex: female
Hair color: Blond (yellow)
Fur color:  orange and yellow 
Tail color: Light and Hot pink 
Pants: Black 
shirt: hot pink 
gloves: light pink 
hand claws: pink 
bottom claws: black 
Relationship: in one (with Mat the cat) emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…

Emily Is a short 411 Bandicoot who is bright and bubbly and always tries to be happy and keep her family and friends happy.:D (Big Grin) 

Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Huggy heart) [V6] likes: Emily loves to draw, paint, and spent time with her friends, eating french toast, waffles, and making pancakes (she just loves breakfast lol) she also loves baking all sorts of yummy deserts but her favorite to make is Pumpkin Pie. Her favorite Holiday Is Halloween than Christmas. She loves tacking napes in the grass in her backyard or in trees were ever feels more conformable at that time.She also really likes sewing while listening to music, her favorite singer is Kesha the cat emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.… (kesha):iconmnrthumbsupplz: 
and her favorite color is Pink.Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (My kawaii plushie) [V6] 

Sign Emoji-08 (Thumbs down boo) Dislikes: Pushy people, math, and having to do the same thing more than a few times like anyone else she becomes frustrated after the 3rd time, she hates when people bully or just being rude or tack advantage of her, she hates when she can't get sleep or when she has art block and when she is running out of art supplies or food the worst is when she runs out of the stuff she needs to make french toast!

Emily Bandicoot was born 4/18/2000 in Dr.Cortexes lab her parents are Jordan and Jason they were not born in the lab but they were evolved there. When they were  4 months they were evolved and grew up in the lab being experimented on when Jorden was 19 and Jason just a few months older at the age of 20 Cortex involved them both in an experiment after he found out they were in a romantic relationship and that Jordan was pregnant. Cortex took Jordan away from Jason and took her where she would be bedridden and not experimented on but observed for this was the first time that one of Cortex's "minions" had gotten pregnant and he wanted to see what was going to happen. Even tho they were separated Jason would come and sneak in to see her and to make sure she was alright trying to stay as close as he could to try and protect his wife and unborn child and when he would come to see her he would bring her gifts one was a pink rose that he had found when he snuck out the other night he put in a persuasive that Cortex had created it made the rose last forever and was unable to wither or lose pettles even by picking them but the rose stayed as soft and silky. One day he was caught visiting and he was dragged out of the room and had an experiment done on him causing him to go blind for a few days making it so he could not visit her. Weeks went by and Jason was heavily monitored and was not even allowed on the same floor Jorden was on not even knowing if she was okay. Days later Jorden went into labor and had a little girl. Jason was finally able to see Jorden and his new baby after hours and hours of examining Jorden and the baby by Cortex, Embryo and lab assistants. He walked into the room to see them for the first time in what seemed like forever he sat next to her looking at there a new baby girl with such pride and happiness. After minutes just talking to each other and the unnamed baby they decided that they would give her a real name, not the one Cortex had given to her "18"
they decided on the name Emily after a few moments putting the pink rose in her little patch of hair. skip 5 years and Emily had been growing up in a small room were she barely left but her parents were gon almost all the time, not by there own will of cores. Sometimes they would be gone the whole day and sometimes the night, she would be escorted to the lunch room by Cortex's lab assistance then taken right back to her room. One day she escaped while they were taking her parents away she followed them and saw the tribal things they were doing to her parents and only being 5 she ran away not knowing what to do. While she was running she got lost in the many corridors there were and could not find her way back to her room while she was looking she could hear chatting that was coming from two men she hid behind the first thing she saw which was a plant. As the two men passed by they were carrying a large dark yellow cat and their radio told them to keep a lookout for "18" she had to know Idea what they were talking about and she watched them carry off the large cat. Just as she was going to emerge and continue looking for her room she hired light footsteps fearing it was another man she hid back behind the plant and saw a small bright yellow cat with a short tail walking around and as soon as he appeared he was gone. She started to run down the hall still looking for her room but she was soon caught and given a from talking to by Dr.Cortex about sneaking around and how much trouble you can get into and he said she has been given her first and only warning. But about 3 weeks later Emily and her parents were sent to Insanity Island were they lived for the next 5 years in peace together not being bothered by anyone.
One day Emily was sitting in the grass watching her mom plant food while her dad was off collecting firewood and Emily drew her mom the best she could plant their crops. After a while, Emily asked her mom if she could go play in the water her mother agreed as long as she stayed in sight there home was very close to the beach, she agreed and went to go play when seconds later there was a loud boom and she fell to the ground and hit her head against the sand and when she got up she saw the whole island was on fire she fell to her knees and began to cry several hours it started to get dark and the fire was out and Cortex and his crew came to investigate and found that Emily was the only one left so they took her back with them and the next 2 years she lived miserably in Cortexes lab being experimented on like her parents were even growing a tail witch she did not mind then one day Cortex sent her down to Wampa island to get Crash Bandicoot who was 4 years older than her to fall in love with her but they instead became friends and they saved her from Cortex. and she has been living happily ever since.

sorry if that story is a little long but I hope u like it I plan on making it into a full story going into it deeper.
rules for drawing her 
you MUST ask me and wait for my reply and agree 
you can not use her for any fetishes or porn 
you can not ship her with anyone but Matthew the cat emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…
you can not change anything on her outfit or fur without asking me first 
please do not change her tail colors, ears shirt, pants, or eyes pleas (without asking me)
when drawing her for an art trade please do NOT add your own characters without asking me first!
please do not draw her as a human (without asking) 
please do not sexualize her in any way (she is my character I can do as I please)
doing shipping AT please do not make Emily and Matt doing anything sexual it can be romantic or cute nothing sexual pleas 
all in all please respect my rules for MY characters thank you 
and have a nice dayMeow :3 
more references emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…

Emily Bandicoot Christmas coloring sheet 2
Made with DeviantArt muro
if you would like to color this please tell me first then tag and give me 
here are references  emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.… 
you can not make it into your own character 
you can change the color of her outfit
if you would like to add whatever you like
please do not use this for anything sexual 
and please take your time do not just use a fill tool and call it good 
please do not use this for any kind of hate art 
you can NOT use these as bases for Art Trades for me or anyone else!


EmilyBandicoot1234's Profile Picture
Emily R Bandicoot
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello my name is Emily Bandicoot and I am glade to be here on DA
I joined when I was 13 my birthday is April 18th 2000.
I love to draw Video game and cartoon characters such as Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sly cooper, Ratchet and clank
Spyro the dragon, and The Animaniacs and lots of other video game and Cartoon characters.
I joined DA the same day I got my lovely Hamster Violet (who passed away in late 2014)
I love to chat so if u want to chat just send me a note and I will replies (unless u are a creeper)
I Hope u enjoy my gallery and my art work as it gets better as I continue to draw and
improve my art work I hope to become a Video game or cartoon designer (like drawing back grounds for video games or cartoons).
Any way I hope to only make friends with You I am a vary kind and understanding person and do not judge others
by there art I judge by how they act.I love all kinds of music and I am inspired all the time by music but my favorite is Kesha i grew up with her music and I am in love with it but Ialso like Breaking Benjamin,my darkest days,three days grace,Katy Perry and several others I am also a Elvis Presley lover and some Tim Mcgraw almost any music really I spend most of my time listening to music, drawing and hanging out with my friends and family.
And I want to worn you know I have Dyslexia
Dyslexia is a specific reading disability due to a defect in the brain's processing of graphic symbols. It is a learning disability that alters the way the brain processes written material. It is typically characterized by difficulties in word recognition, spelling and decoding.
so if u have trouble understanding me im so SORRY! i try my best and have gotten better seance i joined DA so it may not be as hared.
I Do NOT take request! they are for close friends only! I will do Art trades but it depends on what is going on in my life or if I have the paper or not and or the time (digital art trades are rare) then I do Commissions almost any time its just like the art trades it depends on whats going on in my life and if I have paper (digital commissions are posibal but unlikely at this time) but pleas do not ask me for request I do not take them anymore cus iv had several people be rude to me so I do not take them any more so do not ask pleas and thank you :) .
Any ways I hope you enjoy my art work and stick with me as I get better with both traditional art and Digital! ill see you all around :D

Oh and here is my YouTube channale were I post videos and speed paints!…
And here is my Society6 account were you can buy art work from me…
Here is my Art trade and Commission rules and requirements
No just feet (not into that or any other fetishes)
NO My little pony (not a fan!)
No nudity (characters like Sally acorn do not count)
Nothing sexual
You MUST send me your charioteer in the fist comment
Do NOT send me to your page to find your character i will just ignore you if u do
If you want to do an Art trade and a commission thats fine but you only get the to then your done
in Commissions if there is more then one character its an extra 10 for each character
If you want a computer art work u may have to wait longer cus I have to get up at like 5 so I can get the computer
if u want me to draw your character send me a drawing of them in full color so it makes it easy on me
I will only draw Crash bandicoot characters Sonic, ratchet and clank, sly cooper,
I will draw dragons and stuff like that
I will only draw furry animal cats dogs stuff like that
I will draw people but there not vary good but i will try
If u do not pay me i will take your drawing down and report you


sketch 200 emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.… .… If u want a sketch with a back ground 250
colored with no back ground 300 emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…
colored with back ground 400 emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…
line art on computer 500 Line Art emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…
colored with no back ground 600 points emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…
fully colored with back ground 750 emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…

Emily Bandicoot (the crazy pinked tailed bandicoot) BandaHog!
My best friends :iconshadow1468: :iconstichielover92: :icontreehugger1398: :iconnomina999: :iconcottoncandyhurricane: :iconblacknight333: :icongeoterracon: My sister :iconshelbyeliza123:

artist u should check out : :icontatujapa: :iconsassymelvin: :iconshira-hedgie: : :iconproboom: :iconmyly14: :iconphoenixsalover:
NOTE! : any Sonic the Hedgehog art work Featuring him or any original sonic characters i do not own Sega dose i DO not own
same goes for Crash Bandicoot and any other game or cartoon characters that are from video games or cartoon shows

thats all it takes ASK!
Here is my Crash Bandicoot OC Emily Bandicootemilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…
if you are interested in drawing her let me know ^^


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